An experimental roasting collaboration with Homecoming* Botz Coffee† and New Information



With a Loring S15iv, seventy kilograms of exceptional green coffeeii, and zero adherence to any steadfast rules, Oscillations was conceived. Guided by taste first, this collaborative endeavor aims to demonstrate unique approaches to roasting coffee on a Loring system. We invite you to explore the plethora of information we’re sharing here, including specific roast curves and dataiii, the story behind the beanii we roasted, and background on our teamvi.



We selected Nestor Lasso’s Caturra Chiroso lot for its exceptional innate qualities and terroir, making this raw bean a perfect subject for this experimental endeavor. The beautiful Caturra Chiroso variety comes from Nestor Lasso’s farm El Diviso, located in the Huila region of Colombia. Nestor and his brother Adrian took over the family farm founded by their grandfather, and decided to pursue specialty coffee production, with the ambition of having their coffees reach a global audience.


El Diviso


1850 MASL


Huila, Pitalito


Caturra Chiroso


Anaerobic Washed

Floating process in order to select the best cherries only (fully ripe).

16 hour oxidation in cherry between 22 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Anaerobic fermentation in plastic cans for 38 hours at 16-18 Celsius.

The coffee is moved to open fermentation tanks for 6 hours where the leachates are collected so they can be used further on.

The coffee is pulped.

Oxidation process in mucilage for 6 hours.

Water and the leachates collected in step 4 are added to the coffee to begin a 24 hour submerged fermentation at 32 degrees Celsius. The mix is occasionally stirred so the mix is homogenous.

Thermal shock: the coffee is washed with water at 65-70 Celsius to finalize the fermentation phase.

The coffee is moved to parabolic drying systems for 18-24 days until 11% moisture is reached, where the maximum temperature is 30 degrees Celsius.



When tasting coffees roasted on Loring machines utilizing more conventional techniques, we found ourselves questioning the untapped potential of the system, and brainstorming new approaches. Together, we ventured out on a roasting exploration to gain a better understanding of the Loring, to answer lingering questions, and create new ones.

Before roasting, we brainstormed different roasting techniques from our own experiences, as well as information available in the roasting community at large. After cupping two blind tables of coffees representing different roasting approaches, we found seven compelling renditions. These renditions represent techniques we believe created distinctly enjoyable variations of the same coffee.

We hope you experience the unique nuances of three different roasts contained in this Oscillations set. The roast methodologies, their motivations, flavors, and cup characteristics are all provided below.

Roast Curve Terms


Environmental Temperature

Temperature inside the roaster drum.


Bean Temperature

Temperature of green coffee while being roasted.


Rate of Rise (RoR)

The number of degrees per minute the temperature of the beans increases during a roast.


Charge Temp

The temperature reading of the drum when the beans are dropped.


Turning Point

When the bean probe and the green coffee reach an equilibrium in the system, creating a turning point on the curve.


First Crack

The initial cracking sound coffee makes around 393°F, (based on our own Loring experience). Marks one of the most important segments of the roasting process.


Development Time (the period after the onset of the first crack until the end of the roast)

Gas X

The value or power of the gas setting. (for example gas 20). The highest value of gas on a Loring system is 100. The lowest is 20.

Cupping Protocols

All coffees were cupped with a 1:17 ratio utilizing Third Wave Water Classic (150 ppm). We recommend using a grinder setting between 400 – 500 microns. Crusts were broken at 4:00 minutes by passing through the bottom of the bowl five times. The same cupper broke all the crusts for continuity purposes. Our team started tasting at 11:00 minutes.



All the coffees for Oscillations were roasted on a Loring S15 (15kg) at Shared Roasting. Unlike traditional drum roasters that utilize a combination of conduction and convection to roast, Loring systems are almost exclusively convective. We set out to explore the possibilities and limits of this system as it relates to traditional drum roasters.






Homecoming is a NYC based cafe/roaster founded with the intention of bringing together their favorite people, ideas, and objects into one space. This pursuit continues, and is fundamental in their approach to coffee sourcing and roasting.

Botz Coffee
Botz Coffee is the brainchild and one-man (/robot) roasting operation founded by Danny Falloon. The Botz HQ and Tasting Lab are located on the shores of Lake Michigan in the quiet town of Whiting, IN. Unabashedly nostalgic with its descriptions and intensely methodical with its roast practices, with each coffee, Botz tries to tell a story, pique curiosity, and connect with like-minded coffee lovers.

New Information
A Brooklyn based graphic design studio that creates design ecosystems for culture, commerce, and communities. New Information sees design as an opportunity to imagine and enable connections between people, ideas, and objects in the world.


Devin Eiring

Devin Eiring brings 15 years of experience in multiple areas of the coffee industry. From 2013 to 2019, he led coffee roasting operations and worked as the head roaster for Verve Coffee Roasters in Santa Cruz, CA. He now works as a green coffee trader for Crop to Cup in Brooklyn.

Cold Rice
Web development by Cold Rice, the practice of Mitchell Barton. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, Cold Rice specializes in building bespoke websites using a variety of tools.


Special Thanks

Thank you to Nestor Lasso for the exceptional green coffee; to Falcon Specialty for your sourcing expertise; to Crop to Cup Importers for allowing us to use their Brooklyn cupping lab for analysis of this project; and to Shared Roasting for providing the roasting playground.

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